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001. make love not war.

Yesterday marked the last day to submit the one-pg shrine marathon and as always, Shinju submits until then, haha.

Conundrum is my one-pg tribute to one of my favorite books, Gods Go Begging. It's actually the third subject that came into mind when I was contemplating what to shrine, haha. Prior to this, I already created this layout for my supposed one-pg tribute, but after some more thinking, I realized I could expand the shrine to more than one page, thus switched to Gods Go Begging, xDb.

I started on the "layout" early August. I really didn't have any image concept in my mind except the significance of "the hill" and how war & gang strife are parallel so I focused on creating a mere "poster" and planned to really have a very simple layout. But being myself, I was dissatisfied with the result because you couldn't even call it a "layout" so I went back and open PS, xDDb The idea of the theme then comes from the protagonist's career: criminal defense attorney - their files and folders and the "evidences" their investigators gather, xD Writing took . . . well, I finished last night, ahaha. I took notes while re-reading and started writing ideas whenever I can. :]

I really wasn't fare with GGB since my mind really was somewhere far. There's this subject that I really want to shrine more than ever because they're my "everything" ( and they celebrate a milestone this year, xD ) so I was focused on finishing the layout for that, xD; Hopefully, I can start/finish that before November ends, haha.

I'm disappointed at myself for being so unproductive, >>;; Only designing layouts pffft.
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• I have 1 upcoming fanlisting. Hopefully I can start on that soon because I have 4 in mind, xD; And here I thought I was going to cut down on them, xD;;
. . . and snowfragment is all decked out with a winter theme, ahaha 8Db
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