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❝ s n o w f r a g m e n t ❞
Snowlike♔Tears Network News
So it's been more than half a year since my last update. (Gasps!). I know, I know. That's a record even for me. You'd think that I'd at least update when I have a reasonable amount of fanlistings I've finished. On a brighter side, I somewhat kept the network twitter up to date. . . until /checks/ . . . November 18 - 2 months ago! Not bad, right? Haha.

2011 has been a year in which I was most productive with fanlistings. My usual number (early 20s) just doubled and still counting (adoptions & up-comings), lawl. Hopefully, somehow, I can be more productive with other things. We'll see, I guess.

But anyways, maybe this is a sign of a 'good' start? Look what finally opened?

Aksfklsjd I know, I know. It took . . . roughly two years (or technically one)? I'm that bad. I let go of winter-scent.net in November 2010 and intended to have it up sometime in February-March (I really wanted to have it around my paternal grandparents' wedding anniversary /sobs) at least but as you can see, that didn't fly. For some reason, I just couldn't create a design I really like. /sobs So, I present you VERSION ONE, TAKE SEVEN (so technically, version 7) of Snow-Heart.net which features Hatsune Miku and Hatsune Mikuo. (You'd think I'd actually use Luka since she's my numero uno but nooooo. Inspiration just had to strike with Miku, haha ) Prepare to be blinded and for your browsers to crash (cause I'm awesome and I made the image files pngs . . . ) >>;

If you know me, you'd know that I usually just 'go with the flow' in terms of designing. I don't really plan on what I really want to do. When I do, it never ends up the way I originally thought anyway, xD; I just do when inspiration hits. With that said, I wasn't planning for version one to be a one page. . . I tried putting the content under the design and next to the subject but neither looked appealing. :/ So I thought about doing that one page thing-y that hiroto did with her Super Junior layout (though I don't think I'm using the same script...). But I didn't want just plain bg color tho (of divs) so I painfully made those content boxes aksjdalsdj Ok, not painfully painfully . . . but it might just as well. It took me a while cause I didn't know what to do, lol. BUT THE CODING PART IS PAINFUL. /cries I'm sooo tired. B-but, I made you proud, right (even though, this is really nothing, lawl)? *looks at haruchi, hiroto, ryfia and uncieloazul* Thanks for all the cheering, bbs. ;__; *huggles* (With this, I only have to open kinmotsu and then worry about revamping sakuchi, lol.)

To those who have linked me despite shnet being a ghost town, thank you so much! /squishes you all. I've re-added all my previous link exchanges and those in my friends list who owns a domain. *coughs*Would you guys like to affiliate?*coughs*

Snow-Heart.net is now affiliated with overgreen's Licious.org /squishes

I've been lucky with quite a handful of them - both approval and adoptions and I can't thank the staffers and owners enough for allowing me to take care of them. and I'm really slowly crawling to my adoptions, ;///; Really sorry for being slow. alksdjlsd . . I still have a few that has a temp so I'll plug them when it's done, lawl. /shots Special thanks again to uncieloazul for helping me with Kira/Lacus ;A; and hiroto for poking me.

❥ Updated contact page with new image (lol, I think I'll stick with images for a longgg time /too lazy) and contact information (NEW EMAIL!).
Music Box; It's been up there since forever (2010, lmao) but yeah . . . it's there! Added 6 Vocaloid songs (5 of which of Miku's that sort of sets the mood for version one, xD and 1 requested by uncieloazul).
snowtears @ dreamwidth; Done mostly for those who have moved there permanently and yes, it was hard resisting this name so here we are. (I mean, who could, when this username is practically the name of my 'umbrella' network?) Posts here will be cross-posted there. :)

Whew . . . that was long, lol. See you guys next time! (Hopefully, it wouldn't take another half a year ;D)
Below are the latest additions to Fuyumeku.net. I was in a pinch again (when am I not, right?) so Masao was kind enough to make sexy version one of Tyki so lots of love and hugs to her. ;////;/clings And then, there are the two main leads of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Probably the girliest design I've managed to come up with in years. I mean - PINK! I don't remember the last time I had that much amount of pink on a design ;w; and yes, pink is my favorite color. Both leads link to the same site so don't be alarmed. I did it mostly to save time (lol) and well, it's easier for me. More codes will be up soon. . . I'm just a bit burnt out right now, lmao.

After eternity, guess what I finally open? ~LE GASP!~

But, hold your horses because sadly, there's essentially not much to it. ;( My public blog that's linked is static. I have a new one but it still needs to be customized so :c There's a design archive in the making but I still have to figure out this certain wordpress plug-in so for now there's a temp at tumblr. :/ And then, there's a list of my domains (3/5 are open), lol. /pathetic

But any who, I'm open to link-exchanges with personal collectives so feel free to poke me if you want! ;D

And yeah, I know I need to get my butt getting up snow-heart.net >>;; and my adoptions! I'm sorry for being uber slow orz. But thank you so much for all your patience. ;^;
Hello! If you've been following my network twitter (or have seen it recently), then this really isn't anything new, xD

Below are wonderful adoptions/recent approvals in order of completion. Adoptions: (07-Ghost) Teito from mahou and (Nabari no Ou) Yoite/Miharu from solidor and recent approval: Choi Siwon under musicians-male. ♥♥♥ I kind of find it funny (and I'm really surprised) how I managed to create a very light theme after making Teito's and Siwon's, lol.

In addition, I adopted the mythology clique, Patron, from garrus. It is now under snow-heart.net and can be found below. If you're already a member, please do change your links! I say the layout adorning Patron is a temp but I probably wouldn't change it unless inspiration hits /shots

I'm slowly working my way on adoptions and approvals. Thank you so much to all those who are patient with me. ;__; I recently finished the semester - yesterday was my last day - and I hope I can be somewhat productive before/after I go on a family trip in 3 weeks, lol. No promises though I would really love to do something with my babies because once Fall semester rolls, I'm afraid I'll be even more scarce here (with the exception of maybe fanlistings - maybe not even that). /sobs

p.s. you aren't seeing things. this is post nine. eight is saved for my wip kim list, lol. blame my stupidity for accidentally clicking delete instead of save while editing post zero. /shots
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