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011. reminisce under the pure blue sky.

So it's been more than half a year since my last update. (Gasps!). I know, I know. That's a record even for me. You'd think that I'd at least update when I have a reasonable amount of fanlistings I've finished. On a brighter side, I somewhat kept the network twitter up to date. . . until /checks/ . . . November 18 - 2 months ago! Not bad, right? Haha.

2011 has been a year in which I was most productive with fanlistings. My usual number (early 20s) just doubled and still counting (adoptions & up-comings), lawl. Hopefully, somehow, I can be more productive with other things. We'll see, I guess.

But anyways, maybe this is a sign of a 'good' start? Look what finally opened?

Aksfklsjd I know, I know. It took . . . roughly two years (or technically one)? I'm that bad. I let go of winter-scent.net in November 2010 and intended to have it up sometime in February-March (I really wanted to have it around my paternal grandparents' wedding anniversary /sobs) at least but as you can see, that didn't fly. For some reason, I just couldn't create a design I really like. /sobs So, I present you VERSION ONE, TAKE SEVEN (so technically, version 7) of Snow-Heart.net which features Hatsune Miku and Hatsune Mikuo. (You'd think I'd actually use Luka since she's my numero uno but nooooo. Inspiration just had to strike with Miku, haha ) Prepare to be blinded and for your browsers to crash (cause I'm awesome and I made the image files pngs . . . ) >>;

If you know me, you'd know that I usually just 'go with the flow' in terms of designing. I don't really plan on what I really want to do. When I do, it never ends up the way I originally thought anyway, xD; I just do when inspiration hits. With that said, I wasn't planning for version one to be a one page. . . I tried putting the content under the design and next to the subject but neither looked appealing. :/ So I thought about doing that one page thing-y that hiroto did with her Super Junior layout (though I don't think I'm using the same script...). But I didn't want just plain bg color tho (of divs) so I painfully made those content boxes aksjdalsdj Ok, not painfully painfully . . . but it might just as well. It took me a while cause I didn't know what to do, lol. BUT THE CODING PART IS PAINFUL. /cries I'm sooo tired. B-but, I made you proud, right (even though, this is really nothing, lawl)? *looks at haruchi, hiroto, ryfia and uncieloazul* Thanks for all the cheering, bbs. ;__; *huggles* (With this, I only have to open kinmotsu and then worry about revamping sakuchi, lol.)

To those who have linked me despite shnet being a ghost town, thank you so much! /squishes you all. I've re-added all my previous link exchanges and those in my friends list who owns a domain. *coughs*Would you guys like to affiliate?*coughs*

Snow-Heart.net is now affiliated with overgreen's Licious.org /squishes

I've been lucky with quite a handful of them - both approval and adoptions and I can't thank the staffers and owners enough for allowing me to take care of them. and I'm really slowly crawling to my adoptions, ;///; Really sorry for being slow. alksdjlsd . . I still have a few that has a temp so I'll plug them when it's done, lawl. /shots Special thanks again to uncieloazul for helping me with Kira/Lacus ;A; and hiroto for poking me.

❥ Updated contact page with new image (lol, I think I'll stick with images for a longgg time /too lazy) and contact information (NEW EMAIL!).
Music Box; It's been up there since forever (2010, lmao) but yeah . . . it's there! Added 6 Vocaloid songs (5 of which of Miku's that sort of sets the mood for version one, xD and 1 requested by uncieloazul).
snowtears @ dreamwidth; Done mostly for those who have moved there permanently and yes, it was hard resisting this name so here we are. (I mean, who could, when this username is practically the name of my 'umbrella' network?) Posts here will be cross-posted there. :)

Whew . . . that was long, lol. See you guys next time! (Hopefully, it wouldn't take another half a year ;D)
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010. stones heavy like the love you've shown

Below are the latest additions to Fuyumeku.net. I was in a pinch again (when am I not, right?) so Masao was kind enough to make sexy version one of Tyki so lots of love and hugs to her. ;////;/clings And then, there are the two main leads of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Probably the girliest design I've managed to come up with in years. I mean - PINK! I don't remember the last time I had that much amount of pink on a design ;w; and yes, pink is my favorite color. Both leads link to the same site so don't be alarmed. I did it mostly to save time (lol) and well, it's easier for me. More codes will be up soon. . . I'm just a bit burnt out right now, lmao.

After eternity, guess what I finally open? ~LE GASP!~

But, hold your horses because sadly, there's essentially not much to it. ;( My public blog that's linked is static. I have a new one but it still needs to be customized so :c There's a design archive in the making but I still have to figure out this certain wordpress plug-in so for now there's a temp at tumblr. :/ And then, there's a list of my domains (3/5 are open), lol. /pathetic

But any who, I'm open to link-exchanges with personal collectives so feel free to poke me if you want! ;D

And yeah, I know I need to get my butt getting up snow-heart.net >>;; and my adoptions! I'm sorry for being uber slow orz. But thank you so much for all your patience. ;^;
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009. rewrite the story of you and i ; adoptions

Hello! If you've been following my network twitter (or have seen it recently), then this really isn't anything new, xD

Below are wonderful adoptions/recent approvals in order of completion. Adoptions: (07-Ghost) Teito from mahou and (Nabari no Ou) Yoite/Miharu from solidor and recent approval: Choi Siwon under musicians-male. ♥♥♥ I kind of find it funny (and I'm really surprised) how I managed to create a very light theme after making Teito's and Siwon's, lol.

In addition, I adopted the mythology clique, Patron, from garrus. It is now under snow-heart.net and can be found below. If you're already a member, please do change your links! I say the layout adorning Patron is a temp but I probably wouldn't change it unless inspiration hits /shots

I'm slowly working my way on adoptions and approvals. Thank you so much to all those who are patient with me. ;__; I recently finished the semester - yesterday was my last day - and I hope I can be somewhat productive before/after I go on a family trip in 3 weeks, lol. No promises though I would really love to do something with my babies because once Fall semester rolls, I'm afraid I'll be even more scarce here (with the exception of maybe fanlistings - maybe not even that). /sobs

p.s. you aren't seeing things. this is post nine. eight is saved for my wip kim list, lol. blame my stupidity for accidentally clicking delete instead of save while editing post zero. /shots
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008. fuyumeku.net | kim

This post serves as my 'keep in mind' list for all of my fanlistings.

Updated: 12th Jun 2013

Should I decide to adopt any of my fanlistings someday, the people listed below would be informed about said adoption. Please note however that being in the list does not guarantee a chance to apply/adopt a fanlisting.

To add yourself to the list, post a comment below (or you can email me) with the following information: name/alias, email, url and name of the subject(s) you are interested in. Comments are screened.

Please keep your information updated. If I find that your email/url is not working, I will delete your information.

A (✩) next to a listing indicates that it is cross-listed which, in most cases, will be Actors/Musicians: Male. Should I ever adopt one that falls in such category, I would prefer it if you apply for both categories said listing is under in.

An (*) marks the previous owner. Should I decide to adopt listings, individuals with (*) are the first ones I would adopt it to.

Collapse )
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007. try to keep it strong cause the world's moving on.

Teeny tiny update. Just plugging the fanlistings I've recently completed. The last two were overdue and hiroto was nice enough to make version 1s for them ;//////; so much loves goes to her. ❤❤❤ Can you guess which one was a granted wishlist?
Shinobi Life: Kagetora Rurouni Kenshin: Himura Kenshin Gundam SEED Destiny: Meer Campbell Inazuma Eleven: Gouenji Shuuya

I probably wont be "active" (with the exception of fls here and there) until summer. :c Also, that domain layout? I feel like doing a new one since it's been so long already. The only thing that's making me not to is because while it's simple, I really like it :c (it's oozing of pink actually, haha). Guess we'll see. I'm such a bad parent not opening s-h.net for the longest, haha /shots
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006. I love you, 난 핑크빛 세상 속에

Happy New Years, everyone! Hope you guys had a fantastic start!~ It's been two months since my last update (I'm soo good aren't I?) and it's not even about Snow Heart :( Well, the good thing is that I finished the design early December (lol) so it's the coding and written contents I need to do next. Hopefully soon. :3

So, this right here may come as a surprise (or not to some, lol). I feel like a broken record for saying "this is the last time" regarding domains but really. I think this is really my last time. :x I tried resisting (this name) and that resistance lasted for about a month orz; I present you, Fuyumeku.net, the Symphonic Winds Network, my fan listing collective. My idea of four sub-domains was just messy so here's my "solution," lol. Fuyumeku is Japanese meaning "to become wintry." (See, why it was hard to resist (/д\*)?)

I spent yesterday and the whole day today (err well Jan 1 even though it's Jan 2 right now >>;;) moving all my listings @x@ Thankfully, I don't have a lot at the moment, haha /shots I have quite a lot to revamp and also add joined ones, lol. So, affiliation, anyone? :D

Also, here is the latest addition to Fuyumeku, Breathe into Me, the fanlisting for Aihara Kotoko & Irie Naoki from the anime/manga, Itazura na Kiss. The design came out "darker" than what I wanted (ah, but well, I started this when I was really feeling down so . . . xD;;) but I still like it, haha. If you're a fan, please do join!

Other than that, I finally changed the layout here at snowfragment, sporting a Yamamoto pic. Isn't he so smexy? ♡(*/∇\*)I've never mentioned it here before but I made a network twitter account sometime last year: snowchime @ twitter. Feel free to follow if you like!

Since I'm on winter break (and feeling somewhat better), I hope that I can be a bit productive here, haha. Guess we'll see.
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005. (notice) goodnight, my sweet.

If you've been around Harusame lately, you'll notice that almost every single fanlisting I own has moved to a new location. So, it's not really a surprise now to many of you what's happening or where it's going, haha.

I'll be letting go of winter-scent.net very soon; it'll expires on the 9th of November. It's been four wonderful years (despite my poor productivity) and I must admit that I'm a little bit hesitant to let it go :x But, this isn't really one of those sudden realizations . . . I've actually harbored this change of heart since last December (lol, yeah almost a year).

Winter-Scent.Net has been my home, my heaven, my everything for four wonderful years. It's been my little space where I was allowed to escape the dreariness my RL presented during the darkest years of my life. It allowed me to ~flourish~ in a hobby I would never dreamed of being (somewhat) proficient at. *laughs* But most of all, it bridged me to those who I've become closer with during these past years. All the more reason why W-S would remain number 1 in my heart. Maybe someday it'll come back, haha.

So what happens now? I'll be moving shortly to Snow-Heart.Net. ♪(っω\) aksdghg; Isn't the name cuteee? (≧ε≦) I've actually had this domain earlier this year but you know me. Offline issues aside, I work at a turtle's pace. σ( ̄∇ ̄;) I was planning to move in October but lol that didn't happen. If I'm lucky, I might be able to get it up sometime in November. o(´ω`)o

For now, you can view all my current fanlistings here. Getting this up is also in my to-do list, haha.

My email still remains the same (chime@daintydoll.org or gmail) but for any fanlisting-related email, please send them to suki@snow-heart.net.

See you guys soon~
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004. operation bloody seduction | winter-scent.net v6.

cause, you know 2010 is sexy tiem
So after a year and a month, Winter Scent has finally been graced with a new layout! . . . New in the sense that it's out in the public, lol! Version smex six of Winter Scent is part of a mini layout marathon between myself, Masaochi and Dychan using characters from the Boy Love game, Togainu no Chi. This was planned mid September and the "finalized" release date was on Valentines Day but well, life happens, lol. At the very least, it's out right? :3 You can also find a few similarities between version 6 and my Nai fanlisting, lolol. /first time creating a layout that had really distinct similarities, xD;; There really isn't anything new with WS at the moment but expect some changes real soon, xD;;

It's soo late plugging this but idc since I haven't anyway, xD; Transcendent is a future dedication to the wonderful BL manga-ka, Yoneda Kou. For now however, it hosts the approved fanlisting to Yoneda-sensei's doujinshi circle: Raw./NITRO Koutetsu. This actually is my latest design (ahh, November) and probably by far the most uhh .. sort of complex(?) as I tried to really incorporate stock images/re-create a "room" I envisioned xD;; IDK if I made sense, lawl.

• New sibling~ Affiliated Dychan 's Jukkou.net with Winter Scent. :3
• Yami-chan's Cielo-Azul has now also been moved under siblings.

• Signed up for amassment's otp marathon so hopefully I'll be able to work on it soon. :3
• New design for exits page
• Finish/revamp Asphyxiation
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003. with a gentle, hot, cowardly kiss

シド's モノクロムノキス is really sexual /////// but love it nonetheless. It's sooo addicting especially with Sebastian images in the opening sequence. /////// My favorite line would have to be 優しくすくって 上唇で遊ぶ > Gently scoop me up And toy with me with your upper lip ω

But anyway, the reason I brought it up is because I finally finished Kuroshitsuji's (series) fanlisting, Mortuus Caelum - "night sky" in Latin. :D AKSFGH; I couldn't believe I was approved for it, /////// but I'm really thankful that I was. But really thanks to hiroto for telling/encouraging me to apply Kuro being ~mainstream~ in fandom, I wouldn't have thought of applying for it, lol I just hope I did justice with it? xD;;

Sooo compared to last post, this one's a dark theme, yay!~ Though I do apologize in advance for the text color once you get to the bottom (cause the content is in scroll) >>;; Speaking of which, I haven't coded a layout sporting a scroll div in a while |D . . . and the vertical scroll w/images is really new to me. It took me a while to understand the script ^^;; (especially since I didn't bother to read the 'faq' until the end, orz) I have no idea how iframes are coded nor am I ~savvy~ with tables so I really had to stick with it if I wanted my layout to work xD;; So basically, the whole image is the background (sorry for the image load) and its content on float so if there's something wrong when you view it in your browser, please tell me. :'D
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002. of cherry tarts & apple wine

It's been a while, xD/~ I really have nothing to contribute today except two finished fanlistings: one I finished in September but never plugged and one I just finished today, xD I have yet to write the information section school sucks my life but I'm hoping I can soon ( along with the others ).
いち。【Rays of Sunshine】 Nai ➝ aksfgh; One of the firsts using really ~light~/vibrant colors ( I tend to stray in the darker schemes ////// ) . . . and it came out very feminine too ////// I suppose I could have gone in the ~dark~ road but it woudn't fit Nai's personality, lol. You know, I never really expected to like Nai I just don't like the "protagonist" starting off as if they had ~amnesia~ . . . which thankfully was not the case but aksffhgjg; he just grew on me. He's just so adorable and is af;hszfh ultimately the epitome of innocence //////

に。【Wonderful World】Gareki & Nai ➝ AKSFHGSG; If I thought I went all ~girly~ on Nai's what more with this. ////// I SWEAR. THIS SERIES IS FORCING ME TO USE LIGHT COLORS, AHAHAHA. I had a bit of problem here and there since I didn't like how it came out in my first try but I forced myself to finish it asap since it's due tomorrow started this on Saturday, lol. I-I really love these two's relationship aksfhg; and while yes, I ship them (slash), it's not because OHMGYTHEYLOOKSOHAWTTOGETHERBLAHBLAH but more of a rather innocent/pure/need kind of attraction ////// Haha, I don't know if I make sense but I guess I'll make more sense once I write the pages, xD

• I have two more upcoming fls. Hopefully I can finish one of 'em in a few days. xD;; Wish me luck? xD;

• I've closed a few fanlistings ( my very first fl included v_v;; ) . . . and I'm waiting for 3 more notices so I can take 'em off Harusame. I didn't think the day would come when I would actually do such a thing but well . . . I had to let go. I'm sure the ones who'll apply for it later would take a much better care for them.

• I forgot to mention it last time, but belated welcome to Winter Scent's two new affiliates: pistacchios & uncieloazul.